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Frames are an integral part of your doors durability, no matter how much you pay for your door if the frame isn't up to the job, then the door won't be either.

Here at House of Doors we manufacture our very own frames in our joinery workshop to a very high standard, cutting out the middle man which so many door retailers use, meaning we pass these incredible savings onto you. We do not use veneer or any other by-product in any of our process we only use SOLID timbers, either Oak, Hardwood (Meranti) or for those people on a budget who still require a high quality frame from joinery grade Pine. Frames are made to your specification, single, double, sidelights or even over panels can be made to suit your home, meaning your frame will be completely unique to your home.

All our frames are manufactured with a very high quality draught excluder system included.
Jiust call or email our sales department for more details.

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