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Exterior Doors

We pride ourselves on bringing our customers the finest range of exterior doors, our triple glazed ranges are made with mortice & joints, this is accepted throughout the world as the best way of manufacturing exterior doors and has been used for hundreds of years, a trusted way of true woodworking. Providing you look after your door, it will give you many years of reliable service.

We can also supply dowelled & glued jointed doors, for those people who don't require the M&T construction. The manufacture is butt jointed and then dowels are inserted through the joints for strength. Great if its for that door away from the harsher elements of rain and sunlight, ie under a porch or a recessed opening.

Some of our external doors are supplied unglazed so you can source your own glass or even have a chat with our 'House of Doors' leadlight specialist and design something only you will have, making your door, truly the only door in the world with your unique design in it.

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